Announcement (18 June 2024)
Announcement (18 June 2024)

RIDEA will launch a new report regarding a poll conducted from May 27 – June 3 2024. The report ('Vox Populi on the 'Peace Trail' between Kosovo and Serbia: Unveiling Women's Role')  will be launched on June 20, 2024, at a high-level conference organized by RIDEA in Prishtina.

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RIDEA Publications RIDEA publishes academic articles in internationally peer-reviewed journals, commentaries and op-eds in the newspapers.
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Reports / Policy Briefs The substance and status of implementation of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue’ agreements
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Academic Articles Essentially Contested? Kosovo’s Perplexing and Mixed International Statebuilding Record. Gëzim Krasniqi.
Journal of European and International Affairs (JEIA)
Journal of European and International Affairs (JEIA) The overall state of the sphere of academic or scholarly publications in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and other countries.
Commentary/OP-ED Brussels Prelude to Kosovo (The Parliament) 31st October 2013. Labinot Greiçevci.
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