Dr. Labinot Greiçevci
Executive Director
e-mail: labinot.greicevci@ridea-ks.org
Dr. Shpend Voca
Deputy Executive Director
e-mail: shpend.voca@ridea-ks.org
Era Sylaj
Research Assistant
e-mail: research@ridea-ks.org
Dr. Richard Caplan Lecturer/Expert in International Relations & Politics, Oxford University
Dr. Anthony Heath Lecturer/Expert in Social Sciences, Oxford University 
Dr. Gëzim Krasniqi Lecturer in Political Sociology
Dr. Albulena Jahja Lecturer in Economics
Dr. Iraj Hashi Emeritus Professor of Economics, Staffordshire University 
Dr. Dimitris A. Moschopoulos Ambassador (ret.)/Expert in Religious & Cultural Heritage Issues
Florentina Dushi

PhD cand. Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness

Fortesa Kadriu PhD Candidate in Psychology
Suzana Krasniqi MA of Law (Public Law)
Erion Lena MA of Law (LL.M.) in International Business Law
Ljubica Pendaroska MA of Law (LL.M.) in International Law