Announcement (6 March 2019)
Announcement (6 March 2019)
-Roundtable in Prishtina-
'Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia:Alternatives and Options' 
On 6 March 2019, in Prishtina, under the organization of the RIDEA Institute and with the support of the Norwegian MFA, a discussion table was developed under the 'CHATHAM HOUSE RULE' model on alternatives and options of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. A greeting speech at the beginning of this roundtable was held by the Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad. Participation in the round table was comprehensive, where participants were members of the Assembly of Kosovo, leaders of youth forums of political parties (LDK, PDK, LVV, AAK, PSD, NISMA Social Democrats, AKR), and representatives of civil society organizations such as KCSS, BPRG, KDI, D4D, PIPS, ATRC, YIHR, etc.
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